achieved today:

- purchased backpack that is a koala for my niece
- purchased $55 worth of books, including two torchwood novels
- re-decorated my wall, it is fucking stunning
- changed two light bulbs
I love when little things work out - for example, my new job is not full time. I need more work, as I am poor, and I probably won't get more work as it's not a busy place. But I got called last night for an interview at a CINEMA. Now you may or may not know I have been working at cinemas on/off since I was 16. It is quite boring, a lot of standing and no internet, but they have the most flexible shifts, nights obviously, and you get free movies and I adore going to the movies. So hopefully I will get that job and do a few nights a week at the cinema.

So I've been meaning to 'do' Torchwood for like, over a year, but the box set just of season 1 is SO expensive that I haven't been able to afford it. However, I borrowed an open copy from work last night and am 5 episodes in and I think it is great. Ridiculous, but great. Good old under-funded BBC sci-fi, you look so crappy. But naturally - apparently just like the rest of the fandom - I am already in love with Ianto. How can you NOT be? He's like Remus! and Wilson! That well-kept, sweet, organized person who people take for granted til they realise that underneath he can be snarky and bad-ass and shocks people by actually having Urges! Mmmmmm. Anyway.



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