THIS IS A COMIC THAT LEO MADE FOR ME AFTER I QUERIED WHY NONE OF THE ALIENS THAT TEN GIVES HIS WHOLE 'I'LL FIND YOU A NEW PLANET' SPIEL TO EVER TAKE HIM UP ON IT. I'm like, 'where are all the episodes where the alien is like 'okay! please move me somewhere else?!' and wanted this. HERE IT IS.

This is off Amanda's blog, and I just wanted to share it because I thought it was such a good theory.

random thoughts:

some journalist read my blog about going out barefoot in the snow and wrote a preview of the show calling me crazy.
i kind of like being called crazy, it's sort of romantic. but i really don't feel crazy. i feel pretty sane.
i think a lot of people think that i'm crazy because of the lyrics, the music, the image. that bugs me.
my theory, and we were discussing this in the bus last night. there are four kinds of music:

1. negative negative music.
2. positive negative music.
3. negative positive music.
4. positive positive music.

the first adjective describes the lyrical and musical content of the band (ie: what kind of music is this?)
the second adjective describes the overall vibe of the band and the quality of performative connection (ie what kind of people are these?).

we tried to come up with perfect examples of each and an overarching phrase to encapsulate:

1. negative negative music = "we are sad the world sucks and fuck you too you bloody cunts" = sex pistols, gg allin
2. positive negative music = "we are sad the world sucks but don't you feel the same way and let's all bond together in mass sorrow and anger" = rage against the machine, the smiths, nine inch nails
3. negative positive music = "let's all dance and sing and be happy but don't fuckin' bother me you bloody cunt i'm a rock star" = any bitchy pop band out there (you name it, i ain't gonna take the heat)
4. positive positive music = "yay! we love happy music and everythings great and we love you too" = polyphonic spree, yanni

dave argued that the dresden dolls fall into the "positive negative" category. i think we straddle that line between positive negative and positive positive. depends on the song. i mean, ALL the songs aren't about pain.
o god. no, wait. maybe they are. well, fuck it.'

I would say the best type is type 2, or at least, where my heart lies. Except the Cobra, the Cobra are mainly positive-positive. I think she got the middle two mixed up though.. type 2 is good people, sad/angry music, and type 3 is shitty people, happy music.

I don't often do this, especially about the person in question, but ZOMG, LOOK. inorite? )


May. 12th, 2007 10:00 pm
Text 12 to 61166 nooooowwwww!
I just ate pizza that I actually liked. And it was so amazing that I almost cried. Clearly the key to not making crap pizza is a) not mixing the mozzarella cheese with cheddar and b) not having fake sweet tomato sauce.

For those who don't understand, pizza is by far and away my favorite food and since coming to the uk, I've never found a nice one. Pizza hut etc are all really really shit here. But I just had a Pizza Express margarita, and it was fucking GOOD. Yaaaaaaaay.
cookiedough: (FF - Chips)
Fuck, Election is such an amazing movie.

Possibly the best, and cleverest American comedy of the last 10 years.


Mar. 29th, 2007 09:40 pm
Take the pain out of loving and love won't exist.

New favorite lyric OF ALL TIME? I think so.

It's like 'long live the car-crash hearts' but said less over-dramatically, and by a band who I love about 15x harder than Fall Out Boy.

That... that is how I LIVE. That is who I AM.

Unnnnngh. Yeah. More on Santi later.



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