Is anyone on my list going to one or more shows on Cobra's current tour?

I WANT MERCH. Would anyone be willing to accept paypal in advance, go to the show, buy me merch and post it to me?

I want the 'nicknames' Beatles-style shirt and the one with the huge hands throwing the fangs and Fangs Up on the back. I'm going to find out what type of shirt they're made on so I can figure out the size.

So, I'm not in the States but apparently Cobra are blowing up in the last couple weeks, mainstream? Weird. I think I have a weird perception of this band, because I'm always confused when people DON'T know them, but I also can't imagine them being mainstream. I've known about them since the pre-Snakes on a Plane hype, when they literally had just the one song, and I saw them and met them on their 1st ever non-US tour - the UK FOB support slot - and their 2nd non-US tour - the Aussie TAI tour. I have seen them 15 times and I'm in pretty regular contact with Suarez. 15! In three continents! They've done stupendously well to get out 2 records in 12 months, but I thought, especially with the amount of people that saw them on Honda Civic, that they'd either get a)huge instantly, like Panic or b)trundle along with their cult fanbase, flying under the radar, like TAI. Even Viva La Cobra, I thought if it was going to hit, that Guilty Pleasure would be it. So this current situation is kinda odd? Idk. I'm not one to generally be all 'errrr, my band's getting too big' cause they're fucking GOOD POP MUSIC so I'm surprised they're not known, but I love having them there with TAI always and hanging around all day being tards. Gabe's the biggest attention whore I know and it's not cause he's a celebrity of any kind.. he treats everyone the same. He just likes attention and being the centre of a group/telling a crowd a story. He's probably been like that since he was five. I don't want them to be so hyped that it's a BIG DEAL to meet them and that they have to be rushed out of the venue before the crowd is let out cause it's unsafe and they'll get mobbed. I know everyone has this about every band they've known since small, and I'm not usually that concerned.. but Cobra are different, they're like the scene's private in-joke.

On a related note.. what's weirder, the kids who are all 'COBRA IS MY FAVORITE BAND, THEY SAVED MY LIFE' or the kids who are like 'Cobra are so gay, how can you like that shit *heckles Gabe* fucking emo morons'



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