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Jan. 23rd, 2010 06:49 pm

Dear Zachary Quinto:

What the SAM HILL is wrong with you? WHO TOLD YOU THAT IT WAS OKAY TO WEAR BLACK SHOES WITH A BLUE SUIT? Not to mention the shape of those shoes is really fugly. If you're going to wear dress shoes, go pointy or go home.

No love,


I just ... I can't even talk about this.
cookiedough: (VG - Off my planet)

I am so fucking angry right now. For some reason I can no longer sleep all the way through the night, so when I woke up at around 5am and checked interwebs things on my BlackBerry, I found that I had a 'lost password' email from my old LJ - like someone had tried to reset the password and break in.

This makes me pretty freaked out and upset as well as angry. If you know me well you'll know why I want that journal locked down. I just wanna be left alone with my friends and enjoy what I have.

If you know who's pulling this shit, please tell them to quit it.

It is only because of my overwhelming love for the guy, and my heartfelt promise of dedication, that I see fit to still make good on my promise and include some questionable dress sense on each post I make in the near future, even ranty ones. So: QUESTIONABLE TEESHIRT ZACH DOES NOT APPROVE OF YOUR SHENANIGANS. HE WANTS YOU TO DIAF ALSO:

eta: So, in the process of writing this, I discovered something else to make me spitting mad today. Perez Hilton, man. I don't usually rant about this guy because I loathe him, and, as I saw very well put, "Perez is a troll and should not be fed." He's one of those "any publicity is good publicity" people. I don't read his blog or his twitter unless it's something I really need to see and can't find anywhere else. I can not believe the level of publicity and actual level of celebrity he has. But okay. What the FUCK is up with him constantly trying to OUT people? He's so fucking gross about it. Since Twitter, he is even worse because he @replies at people harrassing them. Like, don't get me wrong. I usually agree with who he calls as gay. And I also actually do think/wish that gay celebrities would be open about it, if only to help normalize it - to take away the stereotype, or the scandal of coming out or whatever. Like Neil Patrick Harris is a perfect example of outstanding behaviour in this field. He was never "in the closet" - everyone in his life knew, everyone in his work communities knew, he just never had a big magazine cover drama saying "HOLY SHIT I'M GAY" - he just politely said "yep, if you desperately want an official announcement, here it is, but it's never actually been a secret."

I wish that we had a world in which all the cards could be laid on the table and that different sexualities weren't a big deal. I totally understand/agree with people saying that they want to keep their personal lives private and not say who, specifically that they are dating, but I wish that general sexuality was just a fact that we knew about people, like the same way we might say "oh, what's your background?" to someone who looks mixed-race. It doesn't actually matter, it's not a judgement point, it's just a mild fact/point of interest in the general profile of a person. For this reason, I do wish that gay people who are points of interest for the world, would make it known that they are gay. I feel like that the more it happens, the less of a big deal it'll be.

However, that's dream world, and it is completely within someone's rights to say absolutely nothing about any aspect of themself. Perez Hilton is SUCH a fuck-up about it. He's disgustingly rude (I mean, all of his posts are anyway) and tries to make people look like they're doing something wrong. He acts like he wants to out people for the good of the gay community but he only does it because he likes to create gossip and scandal and be able to say "i called it! i called it!", and usually because he wants attention from the person in question because he fancies them.

I feel like this put it my feelings very well so I screen-capped it:

(yes, of course this was about Zachary Quinto. What are you, new? And of course I think he's gay, but LOL my life at how my protective-ness has jumped up to levels usually reserved for Pete Doherty and the Wentz. I'm going all Chris Crocker on Perez's ass. )



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