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A couple of people asked what I wrote/said in my application for Hypable, so w/e, here:

First stage (written):

Loving this show is like an abusive relationship. I always want to break up with it but never can, it keeps winning me back. It is so problematic - SO problematic, it has some really major issues both behind the scenes and onscreen - but I will never give it up because the reason that I care about these issues is because I'm so invested. I've been there since close to the start and been watching the fandom since then as well, I know all the news, all the dramas, all the actors and all the canon of the show. I think I would make a good addition to a Glee podcast because even though I rant about it, and sometimes things that happen make me want to shake Ryan Murphy by the shoulders for being a petty child or making things up as he goes along - I deeply love it and appreciate what it has done, how it's bigger than the sum of its parts - how it has reached so many people whom may have not ever been exposed to these ideas and tolerance. It's also done such an amazing job with characters, creating real traits that make you want to know more, about such a large cast. I love all the cast as well, all the actors. So basically I would be a voice that can look objectively and be critical of this show's issues, but never hateful because of how much true love and loyalty I have for it. I'm also a huge and old Starkid fan so know how that whole world crosses over, including what goes on in the fandom. Also, I am Australian and have a funny voice.

My favorite characters are Santana, Blaine, Puck and Rachel. Santana and Puck, I think, have had the best and most realistic development over the course of the show - I have loved seeing them becoming exposed and becoming loyal to ND. Santana particularly, I think Brad is playing a real long game with her story and I think it's the best. Rachel is sometimes my ultimate favorite but it depends who's writing - Ian really backpedals her character and makes her awful and unsympathetic for humor value, and it's not fair because she has had extraordinary growth and healing, and he regresses her. As a great Tweet I saw once said "I hear Glee's written by a team of 3 people. I'd love if one day they could meet each other!" - sometimes I very much agree with that. However, I am very excited for season 3, especially with the new writers and the idea of actually having a proper team and a long story arc and Marti Noxon, who knows how to run a show... I have high hopes.

Kurt used to be my favorite but I'm kind of pissed off at him, based on end of s2 and rumors about s3. I actually resent myself for resenting him right now.

Second stage(audio): http://www.mediafire.com/?5bf6j6nxtlpevwf - the questions asked for us to respond to were what we DON'T like, what we'd change, and to analyse a character who wasn't one of the ones chosen as our favorite in previous application. I talked about Kurt and why I'm pissed at him.
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