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Livejournal; meet Tom Ballard.

For you non-Australians or those who don't know me and Leo well - Tom is a 21 year old Australian comedian and breakfast radio host of Triple J, our "alternative" station. He is my favorite stand-up comedian aside from Simon Amstell, and his comedy consists of much the same stylings - very painful, self-deprecating personal experience that kind of make you want to cry even though you're laughing uncontrollably. Leo and I see nearly all of his Sydney gigs, including the free warm-up/workshopping trial shows he does at this pub in the Inner West every now and then. We're both nuts about him, but he is an absolutely huge presence for Leo - something about him speaks to her soul, he is her absolute number one human being on this planet. I'm also quite emotionally attached to him.

Basically, he's a gay vegetarian law-school drop out from a country town, and he has an amazing social conscious. I don't know if I've ever seen an entertainer so actively conscious, but he is always commentating various issues - usually gay, animal rights, but general humanitarian stuff - and it's not part of any of his jobs, he's just strongly opinionated and gets into fights/debates on Twitter all the time and shit like that. He is fiercely, fiercely intelligent, which comes across in his comedy as well, but it is at the point now where I am like: you. You are what I want the public to know about Gen Y. You are who I want to represent me. I want - if he wanted to, of course - I want him to go into full-on journalism or even politics himself.

The above video is something he filmed and posted today - addressing an opinion piece written in the Daily Telegraph (one of our papers, mildly better than the Mail) about an Australian senator who is having a baby with her partner - they're both women. The piece basically goes on to say about how it's become taboo to be supportive of a heteronormative family, touches on the London riots being a product of a fatherless society - and compares the damaged home lives of people like that to people raised by a gay couple - and oh, it just gets worse and worse.

Just watch what he does with it. This isn't "for" anything, it's just because he was pissed off, but is now spreading pretty fast around Australian social media.

This is who I want fighting in my corner.

(p.s. it is ridiculous - RIDICULOUS - that his douchebag ex is literally the face of Gen Y in Australia and is stupidly famous for it, and yet he is 1000x more worthy)
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