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Utter, UTTER highlight of today - possibly no moment of the con will top this. I hope someone got the WHOLE thing on video [eta: ehhh slightly longer version below], like from the moment he came up to the mic (that's the fans-asking-questions mic) and was like 'can I just say something, this is my first ever comic con and I just wanted to say something' and they were being all 'questions at the end, sir' - I knew it was him. But this is most of it, and oh my GOD I actually wept.

This kid is one of my people, he's someone who right off the bat, from first seeing him, I have seen as very... real... like 'that's not a run of the mill celebrity' and oh jesus fuck this killed me. This person filmed the screen, but we were like, right, RIGHT near where he actually was and his fucking face, you guys, and his hyperventilating, I thought he was going to have a breakdown.

And this movie is going to rock. Hopefully the whole panel goes up online because him and Emma were also adorable - and Andrew got super intense and emotional again - during it... but this, oh, this. It didn't feel like a cheap gag or anything - I mean, it was clearly set up, but it was so very, very sincere. GARFIELD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.

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