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Alright, internet. Do we have to talk about this again? Do we really have to talk about "protecting the people in the public eye whom you care about when privileged to private moments" thing? Because this should not be that difficult to understand.

Some fans met Darren Criss outside the bar he was at (a friend's gig) tonight in NYC and were just like chilling on the street in conversation with him and his friend and he was kind of tipsy - they claim he wasn't but people actually IN the gig with him saw him drinking, so whatev, but at some point, for some reason, said 'I will rip your clit out and shove it down your throat' to his friend cause she kept going on and on about something about sex. It was, you know, a joke.

And they posted this encounter on tumblr and now the internet knows and is reblogging and making jokes or memes, or alternately getting angry and saying he's terrible, a bad role model, whatever the fuck have you.

And like... Yeah. Should not have been posted on fucking Tumblr. Unlike LJ or forums or whatever, gossip blogs are starting to use Tumblr as a legit source. There were gossip pieces about him at Coachella which was from a fan meeting, etc etc, took the pics from there. TMZ and Perez take stuff off Tumblr. And so shit like this.. Shit which is comfortable and private and stuff... And is off the record, and may not appear the in the best light out of context... Imagine that ending up in a gossip blog.

Because I can not keep my mouth shut, I posted in their ask box (anon, but only cause I won't get an account) this:

"While I'm really glad you got to have such a chill experience just hanging out and part of me says thank you for posting, a bigger part says, do you realize how potentially damaging this is for you to have posted publicly? We know that gossip sites source stuff off Tumblr these days, and while I have been in your position - had comfortable conversations as a fan and written about them on my Livejournal, to my friends - but Tumblr has changed the game, and you get to know when shit that's said should not be made public knowledge. Not just fan-public, but PUBLIC-public. Like, just because he said things in front of you, and you're a fan, doesn't make it public record. It's not like, at a signing or anything. You were in his private space. It means you were given something to protect, and posting it on Tumblr is not protecting it. All the fans will love it and we all know what he's like, but he's so famous and sought now - can you imagine if like, that was found and put on Perez or TMZ? Stuff like that is starting to happen."

You know this kind of shit gets to me, because like, you know I've met bands etc and stuff's been said that isn't 'on the record' - so much shit William's told me - and out of respect and protection, when you're given a trustful, comfortable situation, you don't just offer that shit up to the fandom, let alone the part of the fandom where the dangerous tabloids actually comb for info.

Fucking get it right, people. If you really care about someone, don't treat everything they do as "fair game."
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