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"I'll hear things from people where it's like, "Oh you're band's great but I hate your bass player" and I'm like, then you just said you hate our band cause I don't fucking care. He's my best friend. Obviously he's still in the band for a reason, it's not like I'm waiting for someone to go "Oh yeah, you know, Pete sucks" and I'll go like "Yes! Thank you, now he's totally fired!" No, he's my best friend and he's absolutely important. He's invaluable. I wouldn't be here without him. I'll hear things like, "Your voice is great but Pete's really lame" and it's like, well, Pete's the only guy who got me to sing. I wasn't a singer until Pete saw it in me. So I don't particularly see value in me being a singer but he does and he's always my cheerleader, trying to keep me going. So I am the musician I am pretty much because of Pete. And I'm not even saying I'm that great a musician. I'm saying if there's anyone that thinks I am, all the thanks goes to Pete. So that's one thing that bothers me a lot and I don't think people really understand fully."

Patrick Stump I motherfucking love you, you angry little genius.
Reasons Why Ianto Jones is Better Than You (and also Me, and any possibly any person since the birth of Creation - resignedly including James Wilson):

1) Captain Jack Harkness, the most charismatic man in existance, who could have anyone that he even vaguely flirts with - 51st century pheremones, kids - and who initially wants nothing to do with Ianto, was attracted to him instantly, against his will. This applies to others, also, such as me. This guy is not disfigured, but he's not stunningly pretty. Yet he is incredibly appealing.

2) He's the kind of character that in most situations would be the flustered, blustered, shy one - you know, the conservative dresser, walking library, cleans up after the others, the one that goes 'tut'- the kind that is usually quiet and reserved, and he is that a little at the start, but it's only cause he's hiding massive secrets. So yes - he is the character you'd expect to stutter and not be able to face a field situation, yet no - he is totally badass. Which brings us to:

3) His voice. Oh my god, this man's VOICE. It is Welsh, and low, and it can be smooth and alternately growly. To me, voices are just voices, unless they really stand out and are then amazing. Much like:

4) Guns and violence. Usually violence don't really affect how I see people, but it makes Ianto fucking hot. This ties into the aforementioned bad-assery. I actually yelped in the episode 'Meat' where he bursts into a room and side-swipe kicks this guy to the floor. He is somewhat ruthless - grinning like mad counting down John Hart's explosive 10 minutes, anyone, and he does it in extremely impractical clothes.

5) Bringing us to his clothes. Now, I like casual dressers but some people can just wear suits. It looks natural on them. He is obviously one of them. The dark, bright coloured shirts and waistcoats are so damn flattering. Obviously Torchwood does not have an office dress code, so he dresses like that because he likes it. Probably cause his dad was a tailor. There is one word for his dress - sharp.

6) He looks pretty fucking good out of clothes too, thanks Jack.

7) There is something about him that reminds me completely and directly of Shoebox Remus, and I think he's the closest incarceration I'm ever going to get of that character being 'real'. Note: he lured the pterodactyl with chocolate. DARK chocolate. Oh, Remus.

This all sounds quite shallow so let's go on to the actual important stuff.

8) His humor is freaking amazing. His deadpan is one of the best I've ever seen. "We could release a single." Yay, snark. Often, also, they are jokes at Jack's expense, because he wants to brag about the fact that the sexy enigmatic leader fancies him the mostest. He is very smug and quietly confidant, which I adore, and he's not shy. I can't stand simpering and as I've said before he's the one you'd EXPECT to have that trait, the whole flustered 'oh no im sorry omg omg love me please omg no we can't kill people omg omg son't talk about SEX shhhh.' - Obviously we already have that, to an extent, with Tosh. Ianto? No. 'He cheats. *grin* He always cheats.'

9) I like that Jack is so PLEASED with himself when we see him get what he wants with Ianto. Like, I am referring to the excited, pleased faces he makes when he considers the fact that Ianto really actually likes him - obviously the bit with the stopwatch and when he eye-rollingly says yes to a date. He is very satisfied with the fact that he has Ianto, and this guy could have ANYONE.

10) And apart from his slightly braggy quips, Ianto isn't all inflated by this or following him like a puppy or agreeing with everything he does. He can go against Jack's wishes, and does, and he can also compartmentalize, which is a great quality in people in my opinion.

11) He has the crazy. He stalked Jack and begged for any job, even though he clearly has a better skill set than 'Butler' - so he could try fix Lisa. His is also visibly upset with himself when he realises he is attracted to Jack.. unless I am remebering this wrong, when they catch the pterodactyl and Jack hires him, just after they've both been all 'OH HAI' - he walks away looking visibly upset. Like he's mad at himself for being attracted to someone while he still has a vague chance with Lisa. He went to extreme, crazy lengths to try and save her and couldn't make himself believe that she had changed. After he gets over her a little and is with Jack - while he knows that he will never have Jack all to himself, he is clearly extremely possessive. He's smart enough not to stamp his foot and say so, but they make it obvious, they always cut to his facial expressions in reference to things about Jack.

So yes. I'm completely starry-eyed.

Reasons Why Ianto Jones Sucks:

1. He's fucking fictional, okay?
cookiedough: (HP - Plot To Get The House)
I was actually going to post about my utter shock at the fact that someone bought some Harry Potter dvds yesterday and asked me which one was the second, third, fourth etc and I think I just stared at them, because like.. I don't think I know ANYONE that doesn't know that Chamber of Secrets = 2, same as grass is green. And then I was reading and found the site for Melissa's book...

"During the brief span of just one decade, hundreds of millions of perfectly ordinary people made history: they became the only ones who would remember what it was like when the Harry Potter saga was still unfinished. What it was like to seek out friends, families, online forums, fan fiction, and podcasts to get a fix between novels. When the potential death of a character was a hotter bet than the World Series. When the unfolding story of a boy wizard changed the way books are read for all time."

Okay, guys, THAT should have not made me CRY. I don't think many people, including myself, realise how much these books mean to me. It is SO weird to me that children now will have the whole lot at once and that they won't ever have that anticipation that I went through constantly for around 8 years. And it's weird, they're like the most popular books in the world but I still really excited when I meet someone who knows them as well as I do, like who knows all the facts and details, like it's some sort of reallt exclusive, not-well-known about thing. It's bizarre.

This book is going to rock: http://www.harryahistory.com



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